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I’ve been on the hunt for some good webcams of the surf, aka surfcams, and so far I’ve only managed to find one in Blouburgstrand. It gives you a good idea of what’s going on though.

Thanks to Rob in the comments who let me know about this page that pulls together a bunch of web cams: http://www.xplorer.co.za/local/webcams/

Blouburgstrand Webcam (Vodacom moved it here, Click on “Beach” Then “Bloubergstrand”. They made the image much smaller so it’s not quite as useful anymore)

This web cam seems promising, you can check the surf in the foreground: http://www.tablemountainview.com/

As per the comments below, if you have a Blackberry or Android device you can download an app and have the webcams on your phone. Check it out here: http://www.beachwatch.co.za

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  1. Jeanne says:


    With regards to your webcam issue, I am working with a company that is trying to place cameras around Cape Town’s beaches for people to view surf sites (free download!). Its a new technology called vixxl, and would enable anyone with a cellphone to view the surf sites live on their cellphones.

    Would something like this help out?

  2. http://www.beachwatch.co.za is now live! However the cams are only accessible via the mobile app which only caters for BlackBerry and Android devices at present. This app has fast become the most valuable one on my phone! Epic, safe surfing chaps.

  3. tony boy says:

    Rip Curl is back in Cape Town.Come check us out at 229 Long street.

  4. BeachWatch says:

    Hi Cape Town surfer,

    What do you think of our surf cams for Cape Town? Hope you’ll check it out. Let me know what you think. I’d dig to write a feature on you or invite you to write a guest post. If you’re keen, email me at info@beachwatch.com

  5. Rob says:

    Multiple surfcams for Cape Town on tvhsurf.webs.com ….. Muizenberg, Table View, Blouberg, Strand, Milnerton, Melkbos and more…….

  6. Aaron howard says:

    I wanted to subscribe on cardsapp but couldn’t find you guys. what’s your CBN number? Your help is appreciated

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