Rocklands is a surf spot in Sea Point. If you find the SABC studio’s, and head out to sea you will be in the line up.

I am yet to have a good surf there, and I am therefore unable to comment on the quality of the wave. Two one waves sessions, with a total of one turn doesn’t count at all!

Update: After surfing this spot numerous times I can safely say it’s not an easy wave to get to grips with. The tide has to be just right – no jokes you could probably set your Rip Curl Tidemaster by seeing with Rocklands starts and stops breaking.

When you are in the lineup there is a small boil/mini wave that is about 1 or 2 foot wide. If you paddle right on the boil you can drop in the wave nice and early and avoid cruising into the large rock in front of the takeoff zone.

It definitely a bonus being goofy footer or a psycho, so you either don’t see the huge and close rocks or don’t care – either way works.

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