Queens is a fairly good spot and is a good choice if you happen to be nearby. Unfortunately it’s not really worth a long long drive as there are better waves out there that pick up more swell. The best wind condition, the South Easterly, means this spot is mostly flat with the best winds. Groan.

There are plenty of rocks, and if you miss judge the jump off the rocks, there is a nice few rock shelves you can “interact” with on the way to the beach.

There is a gulley in the middle of the beach to paddle in, don’t try get in anywhere else.

The beach represents a landmark for geologists who noted that at this spot millions of years ago, 2 different types of rock joined together creating interesting combinations of streaking grey granite rock and black rock created from magma (I think). There is a plaque in the big car park, take a read if you are interested.

In the photos you can see a nice peak in the middle of the bay – this is not the surf spot and should probably be avoided. The actual wave is a little pinch in the corner, so yes if it’s a bit big, the wave you surf can close out with the central section.  

Protected from the South Easter, the main problems are onshore and cross shores (NWW to NEE).

This place can and has worked on all tides, but is predominantly a lower tide spot, with the high tide making the second half of the wave fade out on a big way.

You will want to avoid this spot if it is crowded or big. Give it a go when there are 0-4 people out, it’s small and the water is clear.


Unidentified at Queens

Unidentified surfer at Queens


Queens - Not as good as you think

Queens - Not as good as you think


Videos of Queens:

View a surfer getting in at Queens on Youtube

View a few waves at Queens on Youtube

2 Responses to Queens

  1. Sheldon M says:

    This place can get seriously huge…
    Have seen my life flash before my eyes a few times getting caught on the inside of the middle section.

  2. Al says:

    Have seen kelp flash before my eyes there plenty to lol

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