Off The Wall


Off the wall seems best and most consistent at lower tides. Higher and high tide normally means a backwash waves that comes back from the main wall, and the water comes in further so the kelp is harder to deal with.

Full Low tide normally results in pretty “dry” conditions, which can make it hard to drop in, or too easy to drop in and hit the rock!


For Off The Wall to break, there needs to be a fair amount of swell, coming from the right direction. If the swell isn’t northerly enough, there will be buckets of swell at Llandudno, but it will be flat here. On the other hand, if the swell direction is more northerly, then Off The Wall might be massive with short rides.


For the best shape of the wave, offshore tends to give the best results. Not too much of that wind though, otherwise it gets hard to drop down the face, and that rock lurking under the take off spot is no more friendly now than it is the first time you hit it! Luckily the prevailing with in Cape Town is South Easterly, so it gets offshore a fair bit.


I personally haven’t had any problems but the point is worth noting. The take off spot is about 6×6 feet, so you are going to be very close to the other people in the water. Some people think they deserve more waves than the rest, but from my experience most people are happy to share and give an equal opportunity to a friendly new face.
Off The Wall

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    Hey bud, a couple of your images are broken.


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