Follow the road from Camps Bay To Hout Bay, or vice versa and you will drive past Llandudno. Drive all the way down the hill, (go right at the stop street, and bend down the hill), and you’ll eventually get to the beach.

Llandudno has a wedgey right hander, that barrels fairly often, in the right hand side of the bay. There is normally a rip right next to the rocks that pulls you right out the takeoff spot, but sometimes there is a stronger rip that moves around the beach.

There is also a sometimes a nice left that works, the opposite direction to the wedge, which is normally nice and steep and fast.

Generally Llandudno is a safe bet for most conditions, from offshore to onshore because of the hills surrounding it provide some protection. The wave normally closes out, a lot, normally when it starts going overhead. The wedge helps this a bit, but it is quite hard to get in the right spot when you are competing with the locals.

South Easterly is offshore for Llandudno, which is the prevailing wind in Cape Town. The hills surrounding the beach kind of funnel the South Easterly wind, and when it blows it can be quite unpleasant and hard to drop in.

Most tides work well, but super low tide makes it break very quickly and steep and hollow, but this normally doesn’t make for a good surf. High tide can be fun.

I wouldn’t recommend beginners try to surf Llandudno. The locals think they are tough and will shout and scream at you if you drop in or get in the way, as if they were never beginners themselves and have never dropped in on anyone! They are harmless most of the time though.

The drops and wedge make taking off quite hard to judge for beginners, and the water is really cold which makes it uncomfortable if you are still learning.

More spot updates soon!

Llandudno, Cape Town

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  7. Iain Neil johnston says:

    Back at the home break that I learned to love 1975 – 1980 and to try and give it a go again. Staying with Malan Schrecker early November.

  8. Dagelf says:

    Lol, except when its 10ft+ and/or spring tide. Watch out for the currents that can quickly take you out further than you could imagine. I’ve shat myself several times out here.

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