Glen Beach

Hidden by big granite boulders on the North of Camps Bay, Glen beach offers some fun beach break waves close to the City of Cape Town.

Glen Beach has mainly a wedgy rights that can happen from the right of the bay to the middle, sometimes having 2 peaks, with the odd left hander depending on the tide. Not the most constant spot and if you have the time and can handle the crows, Llandudno is nearly always better.

When you get to the beach you’ll see marks in the concrete and spray paint saying stuff like no kooks and locals only but most of the the water is pretty mellow and I’ve not heard of any angry local incidents recently.

After 4pm most working Capetonian surfers head here, so it can be a bit busy,  but you can sneak an empty evening surf if you get lucky.

Glen beach is directly offshore for South East East. But when the South Easter blows Glen Beach gets flat and a bonus is that Glen Beach is protected from from a South Westerly.

Tides are tricky, depending on the banks and swell size. Normally a low to mid is good, but sometimes low tide means a dumpy shore-break, and high tide can be a mushy bunch of shoulder-less foam.

Not a bad place to get started, you want to avoid it on a big swell or when it’s doing its shore break thing. You will also want to look out for the rip currents which are normally on the right and left of the bay, right next to the rocks.


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12 Responses to Glen Beach

  1. glen beach local says:

    get a better pic!

  2. nick says:

    Fair enough, thanks for pointing that out. It’s a bit flat today, but very sunny!

    I’ll sort out some photos pronto – sitewide.

  3. nick says:

    Just added the gallery. Will post up more images to the gallery over time as well as add galleries for the other spots too.

  4. Paula Phillips says:

    I used to live at Beach No 11 I have lots of photos from over the years surfed small waves boggy boarding body surfing… Live in Canada. Many years ago. Hope this site gets more exciting… glen beach rocks…ps many people drowned by the Rock and the drifting sand..was a problem for many tourists…I don’t have personal photo of us surfing…….just our house general surrounding…..
    All the Best,

    Nick.. Ps I miss the ocean s of south Africa.

  5. Nisa Farooq says:

    My brother Anwer Hoosain drowned at this beach on boxing day 2011, There were no lifeguards present and his children were saved by a surfer named Tanika Hoffman.

    A no-swimming sign should be displayed on this beach

    • Riana says:

      I agree . they should put up a very clear sign No Swimming at Glen Beach . Anwar was a friend of me . and it is a very sad thing that happend on boxing day 2011 . I will never forget it
      Riana Klopper

  6. Riana says:

    can anybody help me with a e mail address of Nisa Farooq Anwar Hoosain sister. want to make contact with her.

  7. Sheldon says:

    @Nisa and Riana.
    I was one of the surfers that helped get him to shore, it was a very sad day.

  8. Nisa Farooq says:

    Hello Sheldon,

    I am Anwer Hoosain’s sister. What happened that day?

  9. Natalie says:

    There actually is NO SUMMER SWIMMING ALLOWED at Glen Beach anymore after the sad incidences over the years. In the summer no one pay enter the water without a flotation device and on most days a policeman sits on the Camps Bay rocks and kick swimmers out of the water.

    I do not recommend Glen for beginners as the rip tides are strong, which makes it more dangerous for weaker swimmers, even if they do have boards. The water is also very cold which can be demotivating for beginners who are not used to it.

    Apart from the fools who wrote “Locals Only” and “No Kooks”, heavy localism is pretty much a myth and the people in the water are relaxed.

  10. Lindsay says:

    To the very special man out there, who’s name I do not know, who selflessly saved my daughter, Roxane (9) from drowning yesterday, 3 January 2018 on Glen Beach. She was pulled out to the back breakers in a very strong rip and beyond the surfers reach. He heroicallly swam out and brought her back to us. May the angels always be with you as you were her angel yesterday. And the all others too who assisted in her safe recovery, so many many thanks to you all. I was not there and don’t know who you are. I do wish this message reaches you! Lindsay Redcliffe

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