Water Sports & Sounds

Water Sports and Sounds is a Surf and Sports store based up on the Garden Route, in Knysna. If you are looking for a new or second hand surf board and you are close to Knysna or you are in that part of the world, pop in and take a gander.
Water Sports and Sound, Knysna, is on the Main Road under the Wimpy.
Call for directions on: 044 382 2311

2 Responses to Water Sports & Sounds

  1. johan says:

    i think you guys must make a product list so you can see if you have what we want so we dont wast our time by driving all the way from were you are to find out that you dont have it but i must say your shop and your staff are realy sick

  2. Lelia says:

    Hi Tanny

    We’re looking for a surfboard for a beginner 8 year old. I’d like to get one that doesn’t have too sharp a point, or maybe has a foam finish.

    I’ll pop in and have a look in your shop when I get the chance, but please let me know if you do have a second hand board that would work for him, and what sort of price it would be.


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