Surfboard Warehouse (Vudu Surf)

Surfboard Warehouse is a worthwhile visit if you are looking for boards and wetsuits. They also stock a good range of second hand stuff.

Tips and Tricks

  • Park on Orange street if you can.
  • Cape Town’s first Vida E-Cafe is around the corner on Kloof. Grab a coffee there and watch the beautiful people from the nearby advertising college and model agencies.

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14 Responses to Surfboard Warehouse (Vudu Surf)

  1. chris says:

    Howsit what are the prices for your boards?

  2. Christopher Barhoum says:

    I spent 3 weeks in Cape Town visiting from California and Robby really helped me out with surfboard and wetsuit rentals. He has a wide selection of boards to chose from. (Not just beginner boards like most surfboard rentals) Really cool guy. I highly recommend visiting this surf shop…….. Cool shirts too.

  3. Nicole says:

    Hi There, Please can you inform me what second hand minimals you have and the prices thereof. Please email me some pictures.
    8′. for a beginner surfer. Thanks. Nicole

  4. Zanne Zeeman says:

    Hi There

    I am looking for a second hand wetsuit for my son, size 7-8yrs. Do you have any in stock?

    Kind regards


  5. Astrea weihe says:

    Hi there
    Looking for a 7’2″ mini mal, could you please send me some pictures and prices

  6. Trudie says:

    I am looking for a lady size 38 wetsuit for me – short sleeve, and for my sonwho wears size 34 pants a short sleeve one as well. Do you have any second hand ones. Also need a surf board for my tall son, who is 1,82m tall. Preferably affordable?second-hand. I have one wetsuit to sell. Could I trade it in?

  7. Uno says:

    I’m looking for A second hand Surfboard for a friend. 8′ beginner surfer. What are the prices for your boards ?

  8. Andrew says:

    I am looking for a surfboard for a 17 year old – a beginner, first board. He’s solidly built – 5′ 8″/ 5’9″ if that makes any difference.

    • nicksoper says:

      Personally I’d tend to suggest the biggest board you can conveniently move around, something above 7 foot, thick and wide. Learning on a big board speeds the learning process and improves your style. But obviously it’s also about learning on the right waves. Hope it all goes well.

  9. Owain says:

    I’m a student travelling to South Africa in a few weeks, I’m starting out in Cape Town on in mid October.. Then I’m travelling to Durban over a four week period from mid November. I was wondering whether you thought boardies and a neoprene jacket would be enough to surf in? Also would it be better to bring my own board (which could cost up to £200 to transport) or to simply get a new one out there?

    • nicksoper says:

      Hi Owain,
      I just replied to your message to your email address regarding the wetsuit. Regarding board if you are coming from the UK boards are way cheaper out here. My advice would be to buy one here then take a few back with you to sell for a small profit.

  10. Mike says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the mention on your site.

    Please can we update the details to point to Vudu Surf / being our main retail store. Surfboardwarehouse is the factory.

    Much appreciated
    Mike – 0767 883 607
    Robby – 083 587 8886 / robby [at] vudusurf [dot] com

  11. Scott says:


    I’m visiting SA in February and I’m driving from Cape Town to Jeffrey’s Bay. I would like to surf multiple spots along the way so I need a board or two. I can either bring a couple of my boards or buy a used board in CT and try to resell in Jeffrey’s or Port Elizabeth. What do you recommend? What’s your board selection for 6’0″ – 6’2″ range? What’s your price range?



    • Nick Soper says:

      Cheapest option is going to be to bring your own boards. Also, boards tend to be cheaper in j-bay as there are loads of factories there. That’s my 2c. If you need more advice, contact the store themselves, this is just a blog.

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