Surf Zone – Updated

Surf Zone is a surfing shop a couple of surf shops headed up by “Gigs”. Both shops have lots of boards and a good stock of wetsuits.

The City Center store had a recent move from the corner of Castle and Burg. The move resulted in loss a bit of the retails space. They are now down the road (Burg) closer to Greenmarket Square.

The other store is in Big Bay, the development is called Eden on the bay. The best thing about this store is the board and wetsuit rentals.

When it comes to surfboards both stores mostly sell Lost… and Built surfboards.

Store Assets

  • Large selection of Surf Boards, mainly Lost… and Built (done by Elton Neinbar)
  • Good selection of wetsuit brands

Tips and Tricks

  • City Center Store: Parking on Burg Street is pretty impossible, so don’t get stressed if you have to drive around the block a few times. It’s even worth the walk and the time saved if you park on Brie Street
  • I’ve heard Surf Zone had some bad run-ins with honoring a wetsuit warranty
  • Bring an ID or bank card for a deposit if you want to rent equipment from the Big Bay store.
  • Conwell at Big Bay is a legend, ask for him by name

City Center Store Contact Details

  • City Center Store Phone Number: 021 426 4226
  • City Center Store Address: On Burg Street, virtually on Green Market Square – Call for directions
  • Email:


Surf Zone Surf Shop

Surf Zone Surf Shop

Big Bay (Eden on the Bay) Store Contact Details

  • City Center Store Phone Number: (021) 554 9633
  • City Center Store Address: Shop 51 Eden on the Bay, Big Bay – Call for directions
  • Email:



Surf Zone at Big Bay's Eden on the Bay


The view onto the beach from the store at Big Bay

14 Responses to Surf Zone – Updated

  1. Craig Trilivas says:

    I’m looking to contact Simon Nicholson who used to own this shop a little while back.

    If anyone has any details please could you let me know!

    Thanks a mil.

  2. garth price says:

    howdy gigs?
    not sure whether u will remember me however i surfed SA champs with u,roman,adam and kevin in 95 for natal,just curious why u closed your shop down in durbs?as i feel u keep the spirit of the surfing contingency alive at new pier nevermind inspiring me when u surfed pulling off some back breaking moves!!!there are F#CK all kneeboarders left in durbs compared to 5-10yrs back,and a mission to find a decent 2nd hand board now u arent in durbs anymore.brandon and elton @ bilt sometimes have something to offer.dont know how you have adapted to the arctic icey waters of the me only cooker wave there is elands bay,got the smoker dvd “inside & out”a while ago.are there no more kneeboard compos in sa?why not.shot uncle!keep me posted,im outa here & chow!!!!!

  3. surf zone greenmarket is the sh**t!!!!!they give the most awesome discounts….i got an almerrick board for like half price!!!!shot john “dwala”

  4. brian says:

    got great service the other day from a guy called simba at surfzone,greenmarket!!!thanx buddy….will be back soon

  5. Mark Karolyi says:

    Do you guys sell any second hand wetsuits,I am looking for one,before buying a new one,for body boarding.

  6. Maciek says:

    How much is rent a surfboard for two weeks?

  7. Jason says:

    Hi There!!

    I am a concerned customer!!!came into surf zone the other day and was offered assistance from john.without having asked for a discount he offered me a deal that was great but a bit dodge!a brand new bilt surf board,leash,pad and board bag for R2000!great deal but surely you dont profit much if at all on that!!!spoke to a friend of mine and he said that he also got offered a similar deal but was also offered half price on a wetsuit!!!just concerned that if u guys arent making profit that 1 of my fav spots will be over!

    • Nick Soper says:

      Hi Jason. It does seem great prices are the norm at surf zone, but I’ve also heard Gigs moan about not being profitable. I’m not sure if it’s part of their strategy or they feel they need to push discount as a means to drive sales.

      I stand to be corrected but I think the owner of Built surfboards (who also are the licensed manufacturer of Lost… boards) is a partner in the Surf Zone business. This would imagine this is why Built Boards are being pushed with discounts.

      My final thoughts are the shop has been around and peddling discounts as a draw card since I can remember, so it should be safe to say they should continue to be in business – I hope.

  8. josh says:

    i was just wondering why tofs name isnt on the surfzone website?hes been there for a long time and if i remember correctly he is like the only guy from the original store in burg street?does anyone know who im talking about?not sure what his full name is.

  9. nazmy says:

    hi gigs i cant seem to find a handboard in cape town help please

  10. Michelle Geldenhuys says:

    Hi Gigs

    I’m looking to get in touch with Clinton Smart and was hoping you could direct me 🙂 can’t find on FB

    Thank you

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