Sport ‘n Surf

Sport and Surf is a nice big surf store on Long Street in Cape Town. The owner is a lovely chap, and the staff there are informed and can help out.

Store Assets

  • Large selection of Surf Boards, including the epoxy variety
  • Large selection of all wetsuit brands
  • All the mainstream Surf DVD’s
  • A few more DVD’s in the back
  • All the surf clothing you can shake a stick at
  • A good amount of surf accessories like leashes, deck grips, wax and ding repair
  • I was assured by a representative of a major wetsuit manufacturer that Sport and Surf get the best quality wetsuits that get imported to SA.

Tips and Tricks

  • Parking on Long Street is pretty ambitious. Try to park on Brie Street, close to Castle Street. There is more parking there than on Long Street, so instead of walking all the way down Long Street, you can pop down 2 blocks.
  • Have some change ready, you have to pay for street parking in Cape Town these days
  • Don’t double park or yellow line park, you’ll likely get a ticket or they will remove your car – ouch

Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 021 4264550.
  • Address: On Long Street (between Hout and Castle I think they’ve moved just up the street and across the road) – Call for directions


Sport and Surf Long Street

Sport and Surf Long Street

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22 Responses to Sport ‘n Surf

  1. Pether Borg says:

    Hi there,
    I just came to your lovely shop in cape town a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I was in the begining of my journey and did not buy any t-shirts. I am now wondering if it is possible to order shirts from you?
    If that is possible I would like to know how much it would cost me to get them to sweden?
    take care,

  2. Dec Roa says:

    “Sport and Surf is a nice big surf store on Long Street in Cape Town. The owner is a lovely chap, and the staff there are informed and can help out…”

    So not true. He is a toss. Treats people like shit.

    • Nick Soper says:

      Sorry that you feel that way. Volker always seems to be helpful in the store and friendly in the water when I see him.

    • Bronson says:

      Sorry to hear about your negative experience Dec Roa.

      I was in there this weekend to purchase a wetsuit and have to admit that the service I received was first class – a guy named Haydn was incredibly helpful in explaining all the features of the various suits. he and other members of staff also helped with fitting and such which was awesome, everyone was super helpful and ensured I got the best suit & fit for my money.

      Maybe things have changed, so I feel confident recommending them to any of my amigos.

  3. Orren says:

    I am interested in a full wetsuit with a key pocket…do u have any???

    many thanks



  4. Francois says:

    The phone number is actually 021 4264550.

  5. KZN Surfer says:

    Hey guys, visiting from the Transkei and was surprised to see how some of the Cape Town surf shops like “Sport and Surf” now resemble chains like Edgars. Luckily I discovered the Corner Surf Shop and Lifestyle Surf – staff were very helpful and did not try to sell me all the overpriced brand name rubblish. Shot guys (and gals).

  6. C Rush says:

    Taken back by Criags service! awesome advice…. the journey continues! Thanks guys.

  7. Stoked surfer says:

    Great service from the crew at Sport n’ Surf! A complete surf store with lot’s of cool stuff.
    Thanks for the tip yesterday to come and meet Spider at the demo day! Keep it up!!

  8. angela says:


    I am looking for a zinc stick (spf lipstick) as a sun protector ,worn for water sports but in orange. Do you stock this item ?

  9. Christopher Barhoum says:

    Visiting Cape Town from California for the first time… Stayed for 3 weeks.

    I went to Sport n’ Surf and Haydn was really helpful. Picked up some nice clothes to take back home. Haydn also gave me tips on where to surf while I was here. They definitely have a wide selection of clothes/boards/wetsuits and accessories. Give this place a visit if you are in the area.

  10. Kelly says:

    Good day, I am wanting to buy a 7 or 8ft sup board to be used mainly
    for flat water paddling.
    What do you have available and can one try the board prior to purchase?

    Kind regards,

  11. Nurlan says:

    Sport N Surf Cape Town. Worst after sale customer service.
    I purchased a cap for R300 from this store.
    When I get home, the first time i put it on, the stitches on it torn.
    I took it back to the store explained them what happened and show them the slip but they refuse to refund or change it.
    They told me it’s not the shops problem and they have to show it to a brand representative first then they will let me know. I told them i am leaving overseas soon and don’t have a chance to come back and again they said it’s not their problem. How nice and convenient. I asked my boss to leave early that day so i can change the product drive all the way from fish hoek to cape town then get an stupid answer like that. When I told the clerk its my right to get a refund on the product he told me consumer act is not his concern.
    So I advise you all not to buy from this company as they may look nice during the sale you see their true faces after it

  12. Kazunori Kuwahata says:

    Hello,I live in Japan. I went to Cape Town and J-Bay from the end of last year to the beginning of this year.Then I went to your shop with my friend and bought a spider-surfboard and its case on 28/12/2012. It was very good one and I could enjoy surfing.
    I wrote this mail to ask a favor of you about my surfboard.Please send me an e-mail.

  13. Kazunori Kuwahata says:

    Hello,maybe my email address wasn’t common,I rewrote my address again.

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