A Ship Wreck in Cape Town


The Seawin ship wreck at Dardestein

The Seawin ship wreck at Dardestein

Last week a ship ran aground, The Seawin, in heavy seas and came around at (a classic surf spot) Derdesteen. The beach is currently closed off, you can make out the tape in the photo after the break.


News reports say the ship wreck caused a fair amount of damage to the dune area, and the mostly wooden hull is breaking up.

The ship is sitting on the beach right in front of the surf spot car park, and the car park is currently full with waste removal equipment.

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Llandudno Idiot Continued….

Surfing at Llandudno in Cape Town these days is a tricky (read as: not that fun) proposition. Since the Llandudno idiot post a lot has happened; ZigZag Magazine have just run an article about localism (one of the Llandudno idiots, Liam Woods, is actually named and pictured in it), I’ve been finding greener pastures around the Cape,  heaps more people are surfing and generally scenes are changing for surfing. As for Llandudno itself this is the low down at the moment.

1. The banks are crap at Llandudno at the moment. Apparently this is because the sand the is supposed to blow over from Hout Bay, but not as much sand is making it over due to a large amount of development in Hout Bay.

2. On weekends Llandudno is a circus. I’ve heard stories of 50 guys out all paddling for 1-2 foot closeouts.

3. I have names and photos for the Llandudno idiot and supporter of mean localism. They are going on the new Name and Shame page.

4. There are more and more knobs than ever surfing around Cape Town.

It all sounds a bit bleak, but there are some proper nice blokes out in the water too, and Cape Town houses some brilliant waves – bring on the winter swells!

If you see these guys out, don’t attempt to catch any waves unless you want Wayne to shout at you.

Wayne Stewart

Wayne Stewart

Wayne Stewart – Saying he is slightly high strung would be an understatement.

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Big Props to Rip Curl SA


Rip Curl

Rip Curl

I’ve had a bit of bad luck with a (currently unnamed) surf shop in Cape Town. I bought a 4/3 Rip Curl Ultimate Elasto wetsuit, and after about 8 months the inner seams started to break and crack. The cracks made the liquid taping bend and curve and the gaps caused tones of chaffing and there were holes forming in the gaps of the suite – which were two reason to return the wetsuit from whence is came. Needless to say returning the wetsuit to the surf store is when the fun started.


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Cape Town surfer has been very quite, mainly due to summer being completely flat. Now the winter surf is back I’ll pop in some more photo’s of how the surf in Cape Town is going down, and look forward to snagging some decent surf!

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Llandudno Surf Video

I went for a surf over the weekend, Sunday, but Llandudno was a little bit big and closing out everywhere, so I went to a spot that was a little bit smaller and it was epic, barrel after barrel. My arms were like noodles after a few hours and my legs were quite tired after pulling in on every wave!

On a separate note I have to give some feedback on my wetsuit. The suit in question is the new Billabong Solution Platinum. They retail for R3500 at Surf Zone Surf Shop in Cape Town. To start with I was not 100% impressed with my Billabong ‘Platinum’ wetsuit. But after surfing in the cold-ish waters for at least 2:30hrs I was still warm, so I guess they are pretty good, if not better than my old 4/3 Rip Curl Ultimate Elasto. Also a bonus is the 4/3 Billabong Solution Platinum feels like the Oneil Phsyco 3/2, nice and stretchy.

The surf was great and everyone was being very nice and friendly over the weekend, partly due to the abundant number of quality waves and barrels. And no [intlink id=”91″ type=”post”]Llandudno Idiots[/intlink] about – bonus.

Here is a video of the surf at Llandudno. It’s pretty much closing out the bay, but there were 2 blokes surfing, or at least trying!

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Quality Response

I’ve been getting some good response, from the origional article: [intlink id=”91″ type=”post”]Llandudno Idiot[/intlink] and the [intlink id=”94″ type=”post”]Reation to that article[/intlink], and a guy called “Peter” has some positive comments. Take a look: Peter’s Comments

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Surf Conditions

I managed to sneak a little surf in last night. 1-2ft light offshore, mid pushing tide at Llandudno. I went in for a paddle, but managed to sneak a couple of wedgy ones. Pretty nice vibe in the water, Winston surfing his long board and some nutter doing hand stands on a 6-0 on a what was a 1 foot wave – I gave him 10 points for style and decided to not bother going switch as the nutter had already out done anything ‘crazy’ I could’ve done.

As for today, the surf is evern small, with Seapoint and Greenpoint having better conditions for Wakeboarding than surfing – no jokes. It’s like a pond/oil slick out there.

Bring on some more swell.

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Llandudno reaction

After posting [intlink id=”91″ type=”post”]my little rant about Llandudno[/intlink] I’ve been having lots of thoughts and reactions about surfing in the busy bosom of Cape Town.

The guy at Llandudno (granted a he is still a dick) was he was actually a blessing in disguise, because it made me start looking for new spots. I didn’t really feel like making the 20 minute drove from town to bump into him, so I drove 20 minutes the other way – which I did up the west coast.

Now I’m only talking about Big Bay and a little bit beyond, but it really is a different world up there. Everyone has always been friendly – even chatting to strangers (OMG) in the water and everyone was getting waves. I have to say I was getting pretty stocked seeing everyone get their fair share of waves.

Since I started venturing out of town, I have had a couple of the best surfs in years (since I went round the world to hawaii, fiji and oz) and having not felt stressed about what kind of agressive idiots there lurking in the lineup.

Things happen for a reason, which is why I got some cracking surfing up the west coast, and which is why karma will come round and kick selfish agressive surfers in the ass.

Next up will be a little note from someone elses opinion on Localism, a nice UCT student whilst we chatted surfing at Off The Wall and soon I’ll be posting some of the legalities surrounding agressive behaviour in the water and what your rights are.

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Mid Week Surf Check

There is a bit of wind over Cape Town at the moment, and there is no swell hanging around the Greenpoint area today. I am hoping for some swell soon, and less work so I can hit it!

Off The Wall

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Llandudno Idiot

So Sunday came again and I hadn’t been surfing since last Sunday! Well, I went on Friday but I had 10 minutes! I drove and drove.

The wind seemed to be pretty westerly, the tide was very low, and the swell was small, which only means one spot will have  wave – [intlink id=”54″ type=”page”]Llandudno[/intlink].

[intlink id=”54″ type=”page”]Llandudno[/intlink] on a Sunday, for me at least, normally means I put myself in the mindset of being happy with just 1 wave.

But unfortunately, and I know stories of locals are nothing new, but there are several boys at Llandudno that insist on catching every single wave that comes through, leaving nothing for anyone else. In addition to this they think it is their god given right to do so, claiming to be locals and that they live there. The thing is I’ve been surfing at Llandudno for years now and I can say last Sunday I have my first run in with a complete and utter twat.

I’ve seen the guy many times, and given him space like I do any surfer. I’ve even seen him go nuts at some people, but naively thought he was justified because he had never said anything to me, so I didn’t say anything. If anyone reading this does surf at Llandudno, you’ll have seen the guy I am talking about. He is about 5’8″, later 30’s, black and grey hair, he always wears a Zero wetsuit and he surfs very well as a natural footer.
So after I managed to squeeze in 3 really bad waves, this dude tells me not to sit deeper than him? He declares that I should not be catching his waves, and insists that I should show respect to people that “Live Here” [I wasn’t sure if he meant living in Llandudno or Cape Town, because he certainly doesn’t live in Llandudno], and should he see me sitting deeper that him again he will “Burn Me”. Now I was kind of shocked at this coming from this guy. I mean I’d seen this guy surfing a lot, and we have even exchanged pleasantries from time to time. He was yelling at me claiming I was sitting deeper to “Command respect” [What a load of bollocks], and then shouted at me basically saying I should respect him by not catching any waves. He also muttered something about me being a goofy footer and not being as good as the other people there.

So needless to say I didn’t get out of the water, I stayed and sat close to him and got one or two waves before it got dark before I headed in.

So now the response. Normally people that demand or command respect by shouting, like our subject in this story, are scared themselves. Unfortunately this guy likes to do the talking so basically shouts until he catches a wave and then says nothing after he paddled back out.  In addition to this I will not be giving this guy any space in the water, and if I see him unnecessarily shouting at anyone else I’ll try and help. Here is the plan.

  • I’ve started a “Localism” category and further stories will be posted in here.
  • I am going to be naming and shaming this guy, when I have the details.
  • I’m going to name and shame the surf instructor that just sat and watched.
  • I’m going to try and help other people out if this sort of thing happens to them.

But why should I do this?

  • Everyone, even the Llandudno Idiot, have been on the other end of the stick.
  • Everyone was once a beginner.
  • Everyone was not a local at one stage.
  • Everyone deserves some set waves and space to catch them.
  • Everyone should surf with the Aloha spirit.
  • Everyone should show their fellow surfers with respect.

Once this idiot shouted at me, he merely lost all the respect he did have – which is the opposite of what he wanted.

Here is a picture of Glenn Beach before I went to Llandudno. At the time it didn’t look that great, but to be fair, I probably wouldn’t have bumped into this trouble maker!

Glenn Beach

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