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Welcome to Cape Town surfer.  The site is pretty simple.  I live in Cape Town, I am a surfer and I have a camera.

I’m going to be posting pictures of the surf, descriptions of surf spots I know, surf spots I find and think are good, where to buy new boards (and who to ask for) and all sorts or other interesting stuff a surfer living in Cape Town should know about.

I’ll do my best, and I shall maintain my impartiality at all costs!

Happy surfing.

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  1. wombat32 says:

    Hello and Aloha,

    Was trying to look at some enticing surfing videos of spots around Capetown and ran upon your site. Hopefully it will be possible for me to come over and surf. Been wanting to go for a very long time. We have some good surf coming up during the next few months. Please tell me if you’d like to come over and surf. Maybe we could do a home exchange for a short time someday soon? Have you been to Hawai’i to surf? Can be super if you can get down in it. Your country looks really fun and exotic as well. Can not wait to get some of that “bunny-chow” and boerwoers hot off the grill right after a session somewhere icy and fun. Mahalo.

  2. boris Klarsgaard says:


    I’m coming to Cape Town in December and I would very much like to buy a Firewire surfboard or a Firewire kite surfboard. Do you know where I can possibly buy them?

    Thanks a lot for your help!
    Best wishes
    Boris Klarsgaard.

  3. Nicolas Heim says:

    HI Nick,
    I was hoping i could get in contact with you some how.
    I am from Cape Town , and have been in the UK for 7 years.
    I am looking at bringing a new top end brand of wetsuit in to SA, and i think you could be a great help.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. James Hoffele says:

    Hi Nick,
    I stumbled upon your site and am going to be in cape town the week of may 22. I am a beginner surfer from Canada and would definitely appreciate some advice for who to best rent a board from and gain some lessons from. Any other advice you could provide would be great. Anyways, keep up the nice site!

    • nick says:

      Hi James.
      I hope you have a great time in Cape Town and the weather is still good by the time you arrive.

      The two best places to look at doing some lessons or just renting equipment is Muizenburg and Big Bay. These two places are quite far away from each other, so depending on where you stay just head to the closest one. It’s worth knowing Muizenburg will be a little warmer than Big Bay 🙂

      Here are the contact details for two places who can organise board/wetsuit hire and lessons.

      Big Bay: Surf Zone: +27 (21) 554 9633 / gigs [at] surfzone.co.za
      Muizenburg: Gary’s Surf School: Tel: +27 (21) 788 9839 / +27 83 324 5110 / gary [at] garysurf.com

    • nick says:

      I just added a page about learning to surf in Cape Town, thought it might help. Read it over here: http://capetownsurfer.com/learning-to-surf/

      • James Hoffele says:

        Hi nick,
        Thanks for the advce amigo! I had a great time around cape town. The waves were a bit choppy and the water was way too cold for me, but I would definitely like to return someday when it’s summer in south Africa. Keep up the good work with the blog!

  5. mario says:

    hi Nick – which wetsuit would you recommend for July/ August for surfing around cape? would 3/2 do ? or shall i rather go for 4/3 ?

    cheers! mario

    • Nick Soper says:

      Unless you are going for a top of the range 3/2 i would suggest sticking with the 4/3’s. These days you can get pretty flexible 4/3’s that will keep you warm for a good session.

      I saw some good priced xcel wetsuits recently at surf zone at big bay, but I’d recommend calling a few shops as that deal might be over.

      Good luck getting in the surf Mario

  6. zoltan pongracz says:

    hi bro!

    you have nice and friendly home page..home of surf 🙂

    im a hungarian guy living in england 5 years ago and teach kitesurf all around, so in my luck this season i will teach for cabrinha cape town and will arrive end of september 🙂
    im a begginer surfer and push strapless more with my kite so will be great to change over some knowledge of your surfspots and ideas of what recommended to try while live at cape town.has a 5.4 wetsuit and lovlt 6.3 fishtail surf with new base on it so cant wait to jump in the water!

    take care zoltan

  7. Nael Farargy says:

    Hey Nick
    Im coming over to CT later this week and am going to spend 6 weeks there… I have a few things going on (hoping to set up over in CT and move permanently later this year) but basically im adamant that i wanna try and surf most days for the 6 weeks… Ive surfed a good few times all over the world but always had far too much time between sessions so I’m still a total beginner… I have a suit (3mm with a 1mm under layer) and am going to buy a board when i land… Would you suggest any particular boards, shops, sizes etc for me (im 6 ft) and wether i should go new or second hand?
    Im also trying to figure out where the best place/places for me to get back into the swing of things is? Something where I wont be laughed off the beach and dont want to piss anyone more advanced off by landing ontop of them!?
    In fact… any advice at all would be great!
    Thanks so much!
    May even bump into you on the beach (hopefully not literally) in which case i defo o u a beer!

    • nick says:

      Hi Nael,
      You might get away with a GOOD 3mm, but if you feel the cold you’ll need a 4/3 and maybe boots.

      You are pretty tall as far as surfers go, so depending on your skill you could try a mini-mall (~7-8ft) or a beginner thruster around the 7ft mark too.

      As for getting wet head to Muizenburg in False Bay for the most popular learning spot in Cape Town. For any shopping that side head to Life Style Surf Shop or The Corner Surf Shop.

      Alternatively head to Big Bay on the Atlantic side.

      Both places have surf shops an should have honest and helpful staff. Just don’t be temtped to get a smaller board that you will be happy on. If in doubt, ask to test a boars if it is second hand, or rent a board fot a few sessions.

  8. Gerd Mueller says:

    Hey Nick,
    first off congrats to your great site, very informative! I am coming to CT in November and would like to ask your advice on two things:

    1. what surfing spots would you recommend that are relatively empty ? They dont need to be very close to the city, they dont need to have the best conditions. The reason is I hate surfing with crowds (most of all aggressive crowds) and I dont want to step on anybodies toes or piss of some hardcore locals (as I learned from your blog, these things do exist in CT, I always had the impression that in South Africa this wasnt too bad). I am just looking for some good time in the water with nice (and preferably few;-) people.

    2. In line with that I am wondering where to stay. Do you know of any good hostel or B&B that is in a convenient location to reach above described spots? Does not have to be directly in the city either, just something nice and relaxed, maybe with good food around?

    Thank you.

  9. John says:

    Hey Nick,
    Great website! A lot of very useful information.
    Since a couple of months, I’ve been living in Cape Town and I am looking for someone to go surfing with. I am an intermediate surfer but I would like to take it to the next level. Do you know anyone or where I should look? Thank you very much.
    All the best,

    • Nick Soper says:

      I’ve been in Cape Town for years and I still end up going surfing by myself, so I am not the best person to ask!

      • Kevin says:

        To meet surf buds in CPT go to this website (www.suss.co.za) and mix it up with the guys that hangout there. All chilled guys with lots of advice and will happily meet you for a surf.

  10. Jacob says:

    Interesting I should come across this – thinking about going to S.Africa next year. I’ll be keeping an eye out here. 🙂

  11. Sam says:

    Hi Nick,
    Great site. Have you heard anything (good or bad) about Surf lessons with Cape Town Surf Adventures (capetownsurfing.com)? I am looking at doing a day with them as the surf school is mobile so will hopefully improve the chances of getting an ok wave on the one or two days i get to surf on my holiday in Cape Town this January. I am fairly new to surfing, but not a total beginner. Although they are mobile, their actual base is in Llandudno, which I see you have had some issues with in the past.
    Thanks a lot,

    • Nick Soper says:

      Hi Sam, I’ve not heard anything bad about them. I know they are real, and Liam, who started/runs the school, is a really good surfer so should have some good advice and tips to share.

      Have fun

  12. Dan Taylor says:

    Hey, great site! I’m a European longboarder and heading to CPT this coming May. Ok so two questions for you.
    1: where are the best longboard waves in Capetown?
    2: which suit shall I bring for that time of year?
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    See you in the lineup:)

  13. Pete (aka Green) says:

    Stumbled across your website via google. I’ve two questions you probably get a lot.
    Will be in Capetown for 17th-25th March 2012, What suit thickness will I need please ?
    Being a UK surfer I’m kinda used to the chill (9deg’s last weekend) in my 5/4/3.
    I have a 3 milly which I can beef up with 2mm shorts & longsleve Rhino rasher.

    The other is: What sort of surf do you get this time of year ? Overhead or over-toes ?
    I’ll be with my lady who’s a novice, so some days I’ll have to pick a break more suited to her. We plan to hire a car and I intend to hit as many breaks possible.

    Many thanks,

  14. Dave says:

    Hi can the owner of this site please contact me on the above email address regarding an internet radio station for Cape Town Surfers. Thanks a million, Dave

  15. Ola says:

    Hi there, I am thinking to going surfing in south Africa first 2 weeks of September.. I am an intermediate surfer, is that a good time to go and where are the best places? How cold is the water/air temp? Thanks

  16. Jad Fahd says:

    Hello Nick
    I’m a beginner surfer coming from Lebanon and as per the advice of my South African colleague, he will help me out for a trip into Cape Town. I am looking to visit around mid-October. How are the conditions and swell at that time? What suit will I be needing?

    Thank you

    • Nick Soper says:

      Hi Jad,

      October in Cape Town is very cold on the Atlantic side so you would need a 4/3 steamer. If you are visiting False bay it’s much warmer, especially in the sun. a 3/2 or even a shortie might be enough in October.

      • jad fahd says:

        Hello and thank you for your reply… How’s the swell like generally in places like false bay, muizenberg, Scottburg?

      • Nick Soper says:

        Cape Town’s swell comes from frontal systems. In October the swell is less frequent because it’s early Summer and in Cape Town there are less cold fronts in summer than winter.

        False bay will be small most of the time, probably nothing bigger than shoulder high.

  17. Jad Fahd says:

    Thanks for the reply Nick.
    Any surf camps you would recommend or do you offer lessons? I will head there for 2 weeks and it’s a dream to finally improve my surfing in the beaches of RSA. Of course it would be great to meet others looking for the same thing and locals who can tell me about Cape Town.

  18. Dewey says:

    Hey mate,

    Looking for some surfing advice, from the States, looking for adventure, planning in being in Cape Town January 1st and will be chilling for about three months. Just looking to shred some waves and kick it. I’m on a bit of a budget looking for a chill hostel to stay at or other options for accommodation close to some surf. Be great to have some direction but if not no worries.


    • nicksoper says:

      Hey man. For budget accommodation at that time of year you are not going to find it very easy. If you have a tent you should bring it as it’s much easier to find a spot for an extra tent than it is to find an extra bed. Unless you have a way with the ladies.

      The go-to resource for cheap back packer accommodation is Coast To Coast. You can browse the website for accommodation and when you get here you can pick up the free book with all the listings in it.

      The second bit of bad news is that there aren’t really any backpackers in Cape Town that are on the surf. So you need transport in Cape Town. I would suggest looking around Kommetjie area if you just want to surf, or if you want to party and experience Cape Town stay in town and get friendly with someone with a car quick!

      Best of luck.

  19. Sky says:

    Hi Nick!
    My boyfriend and I are traveling to the Cape Town area at the end of June/beginning of July and want to surf some quality waves while also exploring the City. We are both intermediate/advanced surfers but would prefer to surf less crowded spots where possible. I ride a mini-mal type board, and my boyfriend rides traditional short boards. Recognizing the weather and swell will of course dictate, what are a couple of the key spots you think we should check out while we are there with that in mind?
    Also, do you recommend any particular neighborhoods to stay in to be closer to good surf?

    • Nick Soper says:

      Hi Sky,
      Great news about your trip. The weather is already quite cold, but you’ll get a few great days for sure.

      The places where you both will be able to have a good time are places like Muizenberg, Long Beach, Big Bay (including Karma’s and Horse Trails), Inner Kom (Kommetjie), Strand, Pringle Bay, Betty’s Bay.

      Best of luck with the surf.


  20. François says:

    Hi Nick,
    I am coming from Europe beginning of January to surf 2 weeks around the cape peninsula. I will be staying a week in scarborough to surf the Atlantic side of CT,
    hope to have some waves in Scarboough, Kommetjie, long beach…

    I would like to surf another area than the cape peninsula for another week. Which other place would you recommend to go during summer that offers quality waves and maybe not futher than 2 hour driving from CT?
    Many thanks in advance for your advice!


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