Dear Angry, Overweight, Bald, SUPer

Cape Town surfers – it’s been a while.

This is a post about angry surfers again. This time it’s Muizenberg that’s in the spotlight.

Before I kick off let’s all agree if you’re surfing at Muizenberg you’re either 1) learning to surf, or 2) you are playing the game of ‘dodge the beginners’. It’s not an advanced wave. In fact Muizenberg is the defacto learn-to-surf break in South Africa and as such the assumption must be that people in the water are learning to surf. Quick reminder for those that have forgotten learning to surf is rad.

So if happen to be just past middle age, over weight, bald, SUPer and get angry at a beginner surfer – don’t. Just don’t.

It’s never right to intimidate someone.

It’s never right to shout at someone and force them out of the water with fear.

It’s never right to thrust your paddle towards another persons face as a gesture, threat or accident*.
(*I left accident in here just in case you had no idea what you were doing)

Let’s get more gees in the water, especially Muizenberg where


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Nick works as a digital consultant with 10+ years experience in the field, and has buckets of passion for travel and surfing. Grew up between England and Kenya, and has been living in Cape Town since 2006. Learn more about Nick.
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One Response to Dear Angry, Overweight, Bald, SUPer

  1. wazeer hakim says:

    well said
    i am 29 and have recently started surfing with my kids.
    just as a side note a beginner surfer might look like a struggling duckling out there in the waves but it doesnt mean the person is a beginner human being on land. if that SUP guy gets out of the water and gets moerd good and proper then he would only have himself to blame.

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