Ship got stuck in Clifton

Loads of these photo’s spreading around at the moment, so I took my own of the ship that ran aground in Clifton.

Do you think the captain was related to Francesco Schettino – the captain of the Italian cruise liner  that sank in the Mediterranean earlier this year?

Do you think Clifton is finally going to have a decent peak?

Leave your interesting or thought provoking comments and responses below.

Another Ship Wreck in Cape Town


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2 Responses to Ship got stuck in Clifton

  1. Ric says:

    There was a space shit maybe and its power forced the ship to shore its possible
    stop thinkin conspiracy ha ha ha

  2. bryan says:

    a lot of ships have run aground round the coast – sa sea farer in 1966 at mouille point – antopilos and romelia being the two famous ones in 1977 the latter was a feature at sandy bay for years – so its NOT surprising to see another ship go aground on this treacherous coast

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