Llandudno Idiot Continued….

Surfing at Llandudno in Cape Town these days is a tricky (read as: not that fun) proposition. Since the Llandudno idiot post a lot has happened; ZigZag Magazine have just run an article about localism (one of the Llandudno idiots, Liam Woods, is actually named and pictured in it), I’ve been finding greener pastures around the Cape,  heaps more people are surfing and generally scenes are changing for surfing. As for Llandudno itself this is the low down at the moment.

1. The banks are crap at Llandudno at the moment. Apparently this is because the sand the is supposed to blow over from Hout Bay, but not as much sand is making it over due to a large amount of development in Hout Bay.

2. On weekends Llandudno is a circus. I’ve heard stories of 50 guys out all paddling for 1-2 foot closeouts.

3. I have names and photos for the Llandudno idiot and supporter of mean localism. They are going on the new Name and Shame page.

4. There are more and more knobs than ever surfing around Cape Town.

It all sounds a bit bleak, but there are some proper nice blokes out in the water too, and Cape Town houses some brilliant waves – bring on the winter swells!

If you see these guys out, don’t attempt to catch any waves unless you want Wayne to shout at you.

Wayne Stewart

Wayne Stewart

Wayne Stewart – Saying he is slightly high strung would be an understatement.

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4 Responses to Llandudno Idiot Continued….

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  2. iAggree says:

    Wayne is a tool!!!!!
    He can suck some long piece of kelp!!!!

  3. Ruan says:

    As long as they stick to shouting only. I stay out of the pit in the corner where it gets too competitive…

  4. Brian says:

    I encountered this prick Wayne at L’dudno once, he yelled at me once. I paddled over to him after my wave, and quietly told him that if he didnt apologize and that if he raised his voice to me again, I would be waiting on the beach for him and that we wouldnt leave without serious blood being spilled. He smiled and apologized and was actually very QT after, during that session.

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