Llandudno Surf Video

I went for a surf over the weekend, Sunday, but Llandudno was a little bit big and closing out everywhere, so I went to a spot that was a little bit smaller and it was epic, barrel after barrel. My arms were like noodles after a few hours and my legs were quite tired after pulling in on every wave!

On a separate note I have to give some feedback on my wetsuit. The suit in question is the new Billabong Solution Platinum. They retail for R3500 at Surf Zone Surf Shop in Cape Town. To start with I was not 100% impressed with my Billabong ‘Platinum’ wetsuit. But after surfing in the cold-ish waters for at least 2:30hrs I was still warm, so I guess they are pretty good, if not better than my old 4/3 Rip Curl Ultimate Elasto. Also a bonus is the 4/3 Billabong Solution Platinum feels like the Oneil Phsyco 3/2, nice and stretchy.

The surf was great and everyone was being very nice and friendly over the weekend, partly due to the abundant number of quality waves and barrels. And no [intlink id=”91″ type=”post”]Llandudno Idiots[/intlink] about – bonus.

Here is a video of the surf at Llandudno. It’s pretty much closing out the bay, but there were 2 blokes surfing, or at least trying!

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2 Responses to Llandudno Surf Video

  1. GarryB says:

    In responce to Llandudno Idiot. I know the guy, or should i say he knows me. I think his name is Wayne. A couple of years ago he had a go at a young surfer named Anton, who happened to be my little brother. Little did this prick know i dont give a shit about his big mouth or whether he is a local or not. Long story short, we had a little chat, he got educated and needed a new board. From what my boet said he stayed away for a while. Guess he is back. Suggestion is get a posy together and f@ck him up. It works in the US and in Hawai. Sort it out boys. happy to help and always contactable at garry.benson@citibank.com

  2. nick says:

    Nice comment Gary, thanks for your input.

    –Legal Notice & Disclaimer —
    Please not Capetownsurfer.com does not condone or support violence or aggression towards annoying angry locals that deserve it.

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