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After posting [intlink id=”91″ type=”post”]my little rant about Llandudno[/intlink] I’ve been having lots of thoughts and reactions about surfing in the busy bosom of Cape Town.

The guy at Llandudno (granted a he is still a dick) was he was actually a blessing in disguise, because it made me start looking for new spots. I didn’t really feel like making the 20 minute drove from town to bump into him, so I drove 20 minutes the other way – which I did up the west coast.

Now I’m only talking about Big Bay and a little bit beyond, but it really is a different world up there. Everyone has always been friendly – even chatting to strangers (OMG) in the water and everyone was getting waves. I have to say I was getting pretty stocked seeing everyone get their fair share of waves.

Since I started venturing out of town, I have had a couple of the best surfs in years (since I went round the world to hawaii, fiji and oz) and having not felt stressed about what kind of agressive idiots there lurking in the lineup.

Things happen for a reason, which is why I got some cracking surfing up the west coast, and which is why karma will come round and kick selfish agressive surfers in the ass.

Next up will be a little note from someone elses opinion on Localism, a nice UCT student whilst we chatted surfing at Off The Wall and soon I’ll be posting some of the legalities surrounding agressive behaviour in the water and what your rights are.

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  1. Good work on the blog! Keep it up!

  2. JimmyZ says:

    Who is this guy?? I used to surf Lans for too many years and even remember John Willy copping a few. Is it Wayne?? I think it’s an insecurity complex. I have surfed the world and any decent local will give you respect where its due. You always get a few exceptions and they are normally KOOKS or not LOCALS.

  3. JK says:

    I know this guy well, or should I say too well for my liking as I have mad many run-in’s with this knob.

    He has said the same things to me: “Dont get on my outside” to “Stay out my fucken way”. Sure, he can surf, but that is because he gets enough practise on ALL the waves that roll in.

    I respect the locals of any break. My local break is Long Beach, and anyone who has surfed there knows how hard it is to catch set waves and also how patient you need to be when you out there. I have also had my run-in’s there, but NEVER with a local, only with some Jo’Burgers who bought a long board on the way to the beach, slid it on the roof of his Izuzu KB bakkie and missioned to the beach to rip it and start a new career as a surf champ, cos he reckons this shit is easy.

    I surf with respect at all times. Respect to my fellow wave riders, respect to the ocean, and respect for those who are learning and sharing in the stoke of surfing, whether a Long Boarder, Bodyboarder or a Shortboarder. (Notice I left out paddle skiers – LOL!!)

    Show respect and you will be treated with it, simple as that…..

  4. nick says:

    Legendary comment JK, Loving the IZUZU bakkie picture you painted.

    I have been really patient at Llandudno, to the tune where the last 6 surfs I’ve caught between 3-5 waves in 1-2 hours.

    But I’ve been surfing in Cape Town and up the west coast a bit more recently, and the wave count is up and stress is down some.

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  6. allan says:

    I used to be a town local years ago when i stayed there..funny thing though, on weekends i always used to head up the west coast..never big bay might i add…normally melkbos or 3des, kalmers, horsetrails round there.. when small, silverstroom..muuuuuuch better! you come home with a klomp waves under your belt and stolked!!i stay on the west coast now and im still stolked..

    • nick says:

      Agreed. Localism at Llandudno was always a problem, and having it forced in my face made me explore more of the gorgeous Cape coastline. I now get more waves, unless the Cape Doctor turns on.

  7. hickory says:

    Llandudno is seriously not worth the bunch of retards that surf there.
    There is so much better if you have the time to look…

  8. Gill says:

    Wow, I am totally impressed with how tight the surfing community is. Find this site quite interesting. I know the above story is a bit old but priceless.. Being an Ex-Miss-Jo’Burger, yes I desperately want to learn to surf. What better place to learn than Cape Town:) So verging 30 years old it is my sole goal to actively become an actual surfer even if I am no Pro.. I have officially learnt two important lessons-Respect others in the water and do not surf at Llundadno. Being a single mom with two children, I think this is an awsome sport to do together as family! Cant wait to start!

    PS I DO NOT drive an izuzu bakkie….lol

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