Llandudno Idiot

So Sunday came again and I hadn’t been surfing since last Sunday! Well, I went on Friday but I had 10 minutes! I drove and drove.

The wind seemed to be pretty westerly, the tide was very low, and the swell was small, which only means one spot will have  wave – [intlink id=”54″ type=”page”]Llandudno[/intlink].

[intlink id=”54″ type=”page”]Llandudno[/intlink] on a Sunday, for me at least, normally means I put myself in the mindset of being happy with just 1 wave.

But unfortunately, and I know stories of locals are nothing new, but there are several boys at Llandudno that insist on catching every single wave that comes through, leaving nothing for anyone else. In addition to this they think it is their god given right to do so, claiming to be locals and that they live there. The thing is I’ve been surfing at Llandudno for years now and I can say last Sunday I have my first run in with a complete and utter twat.

I’ve seen the guy many times, and given him space like I do any surfer. I’ve even seen him go nuts at some people, but naively thought he was justified because he had never said anything to me, so I didn’t say anything. If anyone reading this does surf at Llandudno, you’ll have seen the guy I am talking about. He is about 5’8″, later 30’s, black and grey hair, he always wears a Zero wetsuit and he surfs very well as a natural footer.
So after I managed to squeeze in 3 really bad waves, this dude tells me not to sit deeper than him? He declares that I should not be catching his waves, and insists that I should show respect to people that “Live Here” [I wasn’t sure if he meant living in Llandudno or Cape Town, because he certainly doesn’t live in Llandudno], and should he see me sitting deeper that him again he will “Burn Me”. Now I was kind of shocked at this coming from this guy. I mean I’d seen this guy surfing a lot, and we have even exchanged pleasantries from time to time. He was yelling at me claiming I was sitting deeper to “Command respect” [What a load of bollocks], and then shouted at me basically saying I should respect him by not catching any waves. He also muttered something about me being a goofy footer and not being as good as the other people there.

So needless to say I didn’t get out of the water, I stayed and sat close to him and got one or two waves before it got dark before I headed in.

So now the response. Normally people that demand or command respect by shouting, like our subject in this story, are scared themselves. Unfortunately this guy likes to do the talking so basically shouts until he catches a wave and then says nothing after he paddled back out.  In addition to this I will not be giving this guy any space in the water, and if I see him unnecessarily shouting at anyone else I’ll try and help. Here is the plan.

  • I’ve started a “Localism” category and further stories will be posted in here.
  • I am going to be naming and shaming this guy, when I have the details.
  • I’m going to name and shame the surf instructor that just sat and watched.
  • I’m going to try and help other people out if this sort of thing happens to them.

But why should I do this?

  • Everyone, even the Llandudno Idiot, have been on the other end of the stick.
  • Everyone was once a beginner.
  • Everyone was not a local at one stage.
  • Everyone deserves some set waves and space to catch them.
  • Everyone should surf with the Aloha spirit.
  • Everyone should show their fellow surfers with respect.

Once this idiot shouted at me, he merely lost all the respect he did have – which is the opposite of what he wanted.

Here is a picture of Glenn Beach before I went to Llandudno. At the time it didn’t look that great, but to be fair, I probably wouldn’t have bumped into this trouble maker!

Glenn Beach

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33 Responses to Llandudno Idiot

  1. Murray says:

    Interesting read, I must say. I myself am a bodyboarder, and quite like hitting llandudno as often as I can, provided the swell is working. I am only a beginner and don’t wanna upset any locals or drop into the surfers waves like i’ve seen some guys do.

    Anyway, will watch out for this guy, sounds like a bit of doos. By the way, I surfed glen beach on sunday around 1pm, some decent swell but just really busy.

    Keep up the writing, nice blog.

  2. Buzzy says:

    hmmm… sounds like this guy is real turd!I mean wtf is his problem,its not as if his name is spray painted across the ocean making it “His”!! I just dont understand why people like him surf!

    I only moved to CT 6 months ago and i have made so many new friends through surfing near to where i live! If however i acted like that turd …well lets just say i would still be surfing everyday by myself!!

    The ocean is there for everyone and i understand that lans has its locals and they deserve respect… but treat others how you would like to be treated!!!!

    Thats my 5 cents…. keep the stoke,C you in the water!!!!!

  3. Beachbum says:

    He-he, I’ve seen this oke going off his nut, is it the same guy who used to have a neon orange hoodie at one stage? If so he threatened my friend to break his arm and said he’ll burn him as well. Or he’d paddle for a wave and then shout at anyone who looks like they might want to paddle for it, he-he-he, one time. One he will face a klap himself, but ja, he’s been surfing the spot forever. If you command respect, give respect I say. BTW, nice blog, come and say hi on mine, we can link up.

  4. Julz says:


    Been a CT local all my life (born and bred in Muiz), but only recently gotten into surfing…so much so that I am moving back to Muiz at the end of the month. Got an apartment in the Empire building at surfers corner… 🙂 – Good timing as its starting to pick up.

    Man will always be territorial about land and “his space”. Having said that, it bugs me that there are okes out there that really believe that certain surf spots are only for their enjoyment.

    I’ve had to figure things out for myself as I dont have many surfer friends….but I make sure that I don’t drop in on other surfers…which is why I’m sticking to Muizies for now….its packed with begineers, he waves are generally weak, but everyone’s chill. Once I improve fitness and tecnique, then I’ll hit some of the other spots like Long Beach, Witsand, I&J’s and Hoek.

    When I get there, I will give the “locals” the respect that they deserve….as long as they respect me as a fellow surfer and “visitor”.

    BTW…what qualifies a surfer to be regarded as a “local” at a certain surf spot?

  5. Bosniac says:

    If you don’t have a Moullie Point passport don’t come!

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  7. Kevin says:

    Ya bru if this guy talks to me like that in the surf Ill burn him ALL DAY LONG!

  8. Clacks says:

    WHAT A WETFART…. he must have small nuts!!! Ja sure localism is around but the ocean belongs to all… one day you just may need an “outsiders” help.. what then???

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  11. Al says:

    What a proverbial WANKER!
    People like that make it hard for people trying to learn and just enjoy the ocean.
    I have experienced this locals only crap at lobg beach, with disrespectful groms jumping up on everything and calling it before, claiming it’s there’s.

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  13. Mark B says:

    Hey massive respects, everywhere has a few unfortunate ideots. I am from the UK and surf Wales mainly. I was checking out this site as next week Im heading to Cape Town for a month to stay with my girlfriend. I was looking for some local info on some of the beaches and how they are are working wind and tide wise. I just had to post some respect for you ethics , everyone was a beginner once and surfing can often be about sharing a vibe and a moment with like minded people. I wonder how many people he has pissed off and ruined their day. Its good to read your thoughts on people like this. We have our fair share in the UK. I will be heading out to surf on my own while I am staying as my girlfriend does not surf and will be working at times so many thanks for the information. The ocean is for everyone to enjoy, peace. Mark.

  14. CC says:

    Nah, can’t be Wayne that shouted at you. You described that surfer as being 5’8″… Wayne is 4′ at the very most.

  15. nick says:

    Haha, you’re right, he is probably smaller than 5’8″!

  16. fuzzy says:

    watchout for the 5’2ft motor mouth houtbay shaper that thinks he discovered Llududno, such a twat, there is also a knee boarder out there and rides said shapers boards, also complete idiot loudmouth but he’s a crack head along with half the other locals that spalsh around out there, honestly Lluds is surfed by a bunch of absolute kooks

  17. long time local says:

    i’ve been a local at Llandudno for 28 years, since back in the day when it was actually one of the best waves in the country. or should I say 24 as four years is how long it took me to get a set wave when all the old school locals including John Willy, Kimon, Mark Du Plessis and co were out. as a grom in the 80s I was dropped in on by all of them, threatened and chased by John (who never caught me ha ha but now hes a mate), had rocks thrown at me while riding a wave and dumped in a bin, had dog shit thrown at me etc. So I’ve paid my dues. i have to admit I have shouted and screamed at and dropped in on a fair few people over the years. for a time in the 90s as my generation became the crew, we tried to maintain some sort of old school “localism” but times changed and the banks got forever worse and we realised that fighting on the beach over close outs is lame and that Llands is a city beach and there is nothing we can do about the crowds so most of us took it down a few notches (trust me, it was way more hectic for uitlanders back in the day). what the johnny come lateleys have to realise though is that there are a lot of fairly benevolent long term surfers like me at llandudno who have paid their dues and just want to catch a few waves after work or on the weekend without a hassle. the problem is that with such an influx of kooks and greedy wannebes in recent years, even the most placid of us will get frustrated and throw our toys. there are a lot of ous, some of them half decent surfers, who have moved to the area or come from other places regularly who think for some reason it is their right to snake established crew and generally behave like greedy twats. then there are the total kooks who have not paid ANY dues at any beach who paddle out with the same attitude minus the skills who are actually a danger to their fellow surfers the way the go over the falls and flail like idiots. 22-year-old jocks who have no qualms in giving lip when told to paddle down the beach or called off a wave or dropped in on because it IT IS NOT THEIR TURN or they are clearly in over their heads. yes, certain people who claim local status at Llandudno are annoying even to the rest of us (and sometimes we fight among themselves), but besides them, the kind of okes you will find at any beach, can you really blame the rest us for getting frustrated and shouting back? it’s a frikken zoo out there. Fuzzy, I don’t know who you are but the llandudno locals i know – kneelos, lids and stand ups, many of them with provincial colurs or better – are certianly not kooks, but most of the rest of the idiots that clog the line up these days are. if these wave wasting idiots realised that llands is a heavy wave over four foot and respected their place and stayed on the kook side of the beach (leftovers) or better go to a mellower beach, and if the new faces minded their manners in the water even when some of the idiots among the so called locals and regulars don’t, things would be a lot easier to manage. this will never happen though and to be warned, it’s only going to get worse because we are all geting pretty pissed off with the situation. although, having said that most of the time llands is so shit it’s really not worth getting upset over, unless, local or outsider, you are an insecure little man with some sort of god complex who thinks the whole world revolves around you…

    • Dynamicviper says:

      Localism is hogturd, its giving people the “Right” to kak other people out. I have surfed for 14 years at a home spot up the south coast, and I ALSO PAID MY DUES, but I dont go threaten new people in the water. I even let the good waves go through often. That will entice other people to respect me, NOT FEAR ME. I am no in Cape Town for a couple of years, and like surfing Sea Point/Mouille Point, and I still get tuned to pieces, even though I know a few of the surfers there. Even if I sit out there and get 1 wave in every 5th set, it does not matter, its me enjoying “my Time” out in the ocean. If everyone thinks they are government, the ocean will become a war zone. This bum basher of a surfer that tunes everyone in Llandudno, “for the case of this debate i’ll call him Neptune” the last guy that tuned me like that at my spot, and road over me, I went to work on his cars paint work.!!!!!!! you gonna piss off the wrong person oneday with your arrogant childish manner and you will get flattened.

  18. fuzzy says:

    Well long time local, I have been surfing there for 18 years on and off between travels, and even lived there, house sat for a year, in 1998. I dont call myself local and never would. Cause some guys have provincial colours doesnt mean shit! “Hay Im a wp/springbok surfer outs my way”. Paying dues and John Willy, whatever get over it, schools out. Half of what you wrote above is about yourself, your so hardcore.
    Face up little man your drivel above doesnt prove anything. If anything it makes you look like a giant tit!

  19. Zac Demorey says:

    I’ve surfed all over the world and have lived in Cape Town for a few years now…. I respect the “locals” however how the hell can you tell who’s who… but never the less the whole point of surfing is the sea, nature, chilled vibe – so this talk of locals intimidating others is pathetic! If any locals at any spot has a crap attitude for no specific reason I’m definately not gonna move out the way – I’ll smack him on the pit right there and then! Mouillie Point passport @ Bosniac WTF dude! I’ll shove your board up your ass and surf you into the Radisson if you tune me the odds… It’s not your ocean wanker!

  20. nick says:

    Update: I heard recently that Wayne had his ribs ridden over by an equally unfriendly local surfer, and will be out of action for a while.

  21. bobejaan says:

    organize some 10’ers and a squad of ou ballies for a lank day at thudsnduds.. tuning grief on other surfers is kak..

    bosniac? wat ga nou aan, jy tune teveel grief das almal kak…

  22. CC says:

    Also heard that he was punched recently by a foreign surfer who came looking for him at his work.

  23. crashNburn says:

    Wayne’s a Po-ess ,,paddle over to him , place 2 hands pull him towards your face ,,and bite his nose off ! guarentee he’ll keep hi strap shut thereon in ..I’ll keep an eye out for him

  24. frsh says:

    wtf – ocean belongs to all – days of localism BS are over – yes show respect at all times but equally.

  25. Al Mitchell says:

    I lived in your amazing city for 4 months last year and as a very rooky surfer wanted to take the opportunity to surf as much as possible as I live in London – not great for surfing! I regularly surfed Muzies and Llandudno.

    I despise this chat about as a ‘kook’ surfer you should have to stay on beginner beaches – sometimes you need to push yourself to improve and when there was a particularly meagre wave at muzies I would resort to trying to catch something at llandudno and it definitely helped my surfing. Although I sometimes did venture into the ‘experienced/locals’ only take off zone I always pulled out of any other wave and almost never got in anyones way. I therefore do not see any problem with less experienced surfers surfing there and certainly do not think it is dangerous if they are sensible. I also received a fair bit of unfriendly chat although only one particularly bad incident where someone tried to tell me and another dude that we were getting in his way.

    Interesting to read this blog because I have great memories of cape town but by far and away the worst are those of some of the local surfers who treat the ocean as theirs and theirs only. I am a very experienced skiier and when I go skiing I do not treat beginners like shit and give them grief if they wipe out because I am respectful and more than happy for others to take up a great sport. I am going surfing in Morocco next week and I hear the locals are very friendly! Having said this I made 2 great mates surfing in CT – they are form Zim and shared very similar views about locals.

    Great blog

  26. Pierre says:

    Al, our stories sound very similar ! screw them — everyone was at that level at some point ,,, i go there weekly and will keep going – life’s too short to miss out on fun and get vibed by selfish boneheads,,, funny how so many people have come through in this blog/comment feeling the same way – almost as if they are the majority ,,, i venture left as well every now and again (mostly early mornings) but ill FLAT OUT ignore anyone of the so called locals (im local i live in lunds) if they ever told me i wasst suppose to be there – fuck that haters everyone needs the deep end to learn ..

  27. Truly – there are some real small minded knob heads in this world.


    Lekker site Nick!, keep up the good work

  28. ballie says:

    llandudno has been like this for years but really got going with heavy aggro with the likes of John and his crew. Since then, there has been a steady supply of complete assholes at this beach. I have been surfing for over 35 years, Ive travelled the country and the islands and have never experienced the kind of childish, selfish bad manners one has to deal with here. There were a couple of decent guys, du Plessis and Mack back in those days who while good surfers, did’nt really get involved. Considering the fact that I have surfed there since the early 70’s ( most weekends if conditions were right ) I guess I am more of a local than the idiot you are referring to! Don’t take his, or anyone elses shit at Llands.Surfing there , back in day with the likes of Johnny p and those huys was relaxed, AS IT SHOULD BE!

  29. MAB says:

    There was an incident a couple weeks back where a foreigner (spanish?) paddled up to me asking about the break, rip, winds etc. I’ve only been riding llands for the last year or so, so I told him what I could and sent him on his – probably should have mentioned that there’s some serious hierarchy in the line-up. 10 minutes later this dude was dropped in on heavily and rightfully had a bit to say about it, the situation erupted and his day was over – it was juvenile – kiff holiday in SA. Coming from New Pier / North Beach, I’ve had my fair experience with locals growing up and have always known my way around the line-up. It started with a respect for the older, more experienced riders, which in turn was reciprocated to the younger, in training groms. The transition from one to the other was seamless and by no means meant that your earned your stripes to act like a cunt. Dropping in, 90% of the time in my mind is an accident, either due to not seeing the rider with right of way or not knowing. Surely the classic whistle or shout to remind the rider in question is enough, perhaps with an explanation – an approach that builds mutual respect above anything. That’s it, surely? Of course if somebody is doing it on purpose and ignoring any forewarning it’s a completely different story, and have whats coming to them. I was informed of the locals at Llandudno, which was a laughable thought in the first place – that people who share such a unique passion for the ocean and nature can be tarnished with such a selfish, shitty character trait. I always made sure to stay in line and in turn, which still managed to get some snide comments just for being there. Over time there’s never been a problem, it’s avoidable, but just fucking annoying. Where does the transition lie? I surf whenever I can so that I can get away from all the assholes associated with everyday life, and these days it seems that most of them are in the water.

  30. Ron says:

    ..nice blog.. 🙂 I have not been around for a while as I have realized the wave can easily get the better of you. However that is my own lesson learned, it does not help if dick heads on top of all hussle u. A helping hand would be much better and claim so much more respect.
    Surfed Witsands on a brilliant day a couple of weeks ago and the vibe was chilled and relaxed. The one guy came along and ask for the rips he was warned about… we informed him all was cool… had a chat later out of the water and every1 was chill.

    Unfortunately, in the mids of the session this absolute douche paddled out, and strangely already while paddling towards us the vibe in the line up changed. I guess mid 40’s longish hair hurley wet suit… and we assumed on some kind of drug judging by his body language and level of aggression. He was quite good but claimed every wave, circled a couple of us as if he entered a heat without priority. While I was paddling back out after catching a wave… on his way out of the water ….he took a wave and almost injured a guy who was clearly better positioned and all.

    the moment he left the vibe went again all relaxed. sad that these people may have not been raised by loving people.

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