Fin Owner Found

The surf today isn’t ideal, but I have been bursting to get in the water after what must be a 2 week dry spell. The swell seems fine, but the wind and swell direction seems to be messing everything up.
I zipped over to Thermo’s – Nothing. Then Off The Wall – Nothing. Nothing all the way to Camps Bay. But in the corner of my eye I caught a wave at Glenn beach, so I turned around a jumped in.
As I was getting changed I saw some fins on a board that looked like the one I found at Off The Wall. So I asked the guy if he had lost a fin, and he had. So Clive will be re-united with his (nearly new apparently) fin in time for Christmas!

Clives Lost Fin

Clive’s Lost Fin

See the post where I found the fin
See the post where I reunite Clive with his fin

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