Always carry a wheel spanner!

The surf over the last couple of days has been pretty flat, which is why the reports and pictures have not been forthcoming. But the day before yesterday (Wednesday) was special. I had planned to go surfing that morning, because of a tip the guys at Surf Zone in Cape Town gave me, but when I got there in the morning, the swell had not arrived. When I went back later in the day, the swell had jacked and it was going off, but I didn’t have the time to jump in – gutted.

Since the swell has been good, but the wind hasn’t been great, leaving Greenpoint a little bumpy.
So the moral of the story is, when you are driving in South Africa always make sure you have a decent spare wheel, jack and spanner in you car. I was driving home last night and a log was rolling down the road. Rolling log plus the side of your wheel leaves you with what I had in the picture below. Unfortunately for me though, I didn’t have a wheel spanner so I had to wait for a friend to come and help out.

South African Roads are dangerous

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