Misty Surf in Cape Town

This morning at off the wall was onshore and misty. The sets were taking about 10 minutes to go through and the tide was being weird. Most of the waves were really lame, but one okay one came through.

Off The Wall

Off The Wall

I also drove over to Thermopylae, to see if any of the sets were breaking big enough, but they were not.

Thermopylae, South Africa, Surf Check

There was a big mist over cape town this morning that is still lingering around. The mist has cleared from the city bowl, but is still lingering over the Atlantic coast, causing onshore conditions. As soon as the sun comes out the wind should switch offshore again. See this panorama picture I took at Greenpoint Stadium. You can see the mist looming over the sea, and the clear skies over Cape Town city bowl. Lets hope it clears before everyone gets off work!

Greenpoint stadium panoramic photo

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